Code Of Civil Procedure 1908

Companies Ordinance 1984


Copyright Ordinance 1962

Defamation Ordinance

Dissolution of

Muslim Marriages Act

Employees Social Security

Ordinance 1965

Factories Act 1934

ITO 2001

Limitation Act

Pakistan Penal Code

Partnership Act 1932

Payment of Wages Act


Order 1984

Sale of Goods Act 1930

SindhHigh(O.S) Rules

Stamp Duties

The Arbitration

Act 1940

The Dissolution of

Muslim Marriages Act

The Dowry and Bridal Gifts

The Employees

Old Age Benefit Act

The Guardian and Wards Act

The Muslim Family

Laws Ordinance

The Societies

Registration Act

The Trusts Act

Trade Marks Rules 2004

S.R.O 211 (I) 2004

Transfer of Property

Act 1882

West Pakistan Family

Courts Act